NT48 2.0 Nitro truggy

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We’ve all waited long enough, but it’s finally here! The NT48 2.0 is the fastest and most durable nitro truggy that Tekno RC has ever produced. The bar was set high with the legendary NT48.3 and its countless victories and podiums across the world. We had our work cut out for us…

We knew not to mess with the formula too much, and since the 2.0 platform had already matured, we expected the proven features of the NB and ET48 2.0 would transfer directly to the new truggy. The recent supply chain issues granted us an unexpectedly long testing phase and ensured all of the components were working in harmony.

The new NT48 truggy incorporates all of the 2.0 platform’s best features such as quick access diffs, incredibly free suspension, twisted caster front arms, and a decoupled radio tray. After all of the performance features were worked out, we spent some time adding strength in all of the right places. The suspension arms are ridiculously beefy, the driveshafts are thicker, and we decided on a stout 4mm chassis.

The chassis components are kept as far forward as possible to aid in steering response and corner rotation. Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last year, you’ve probably noticed that the entire RC racing industry has adopted our fresh approach to truggy body aesthetics. We aren’t afraid to innovate or buck the trends and we’re certainly not going to compromise our performance and durability goals just to fit in.

As you’ve already seen, the new truggy has claimed victory or been on the podium at just about every major race this year. What you haven’t seen is how tough it is. Simply put, you’ll be finishing more races, achieving higher finishing positions, and looking good while doing it.

NT48 2.0 Key Features

  • 4mm CNC7075 Aluminum Hard Anodized Lightened Chassis
  • Independent Servo Mounts w/ Decoupled Battery and Radio Boxes
  • CNC 7075 Shock Towers, Pivot Blocks, and Motor Mounts
  • 16mm Bore Fluid Filled Shocks with CNC Delrin Pistons and Guides
  • 3 Fluid Filled Easy Access Differentials
  • Race Proven Long Arm Suspension Geometry
  • 1-Piece Tall Wing Mount and Ultra-Lightweight Wing
  • Trendsetting Low Profile Truggy Body Design
  • Proven Tekno RC Durability
  • All Metric Hardware