Differential Case (f/c/r, hardened steel, ET48/MT410)

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Product Description

TKR5113S – Differential Case (f/c/r, hardened steel, ET48/MT410)

Interested in running 6s batteries or improving the durability of your vehicle? Our new steel diff case is for you! CNC machined from steel and hardened; this diff case handles the extreme conditions found when pushing your vehicle to the limit. Although a steel diff case is perfectly suited for the MT410 or ET48 with a huge motor or 6s battery, it can also be used as a tuning option to help reduce wheel spin when racing your ET48, EB48, NT48, NB48 or SCT410.  Not only is it more durable than the original composite diff case it also has increased fluid capacity for that long bash or race session. The TKR5113S hardened steel diff case is a direct replacement for TKR5113 composite diff case, can be used in the front, center or rear differentials of the vehicles listed below, and no additional parts are required.

Compatible Vehicles

TKR5603 – MT410 1/10th Electric 4×4 Pro Monster Truck Kit
TKR5602 – ET48.3 1/8th Competition Electric Truggy Kit
TKR5507 – SCT410.3 1/10th 4WD Competition Short Course Truck
TKR8000 – EB48.4 1/8th Competition Electric Buggy Kit
TKR8300 – NB48.4 1/8th 4WD Competition Nitro Buggy Kit
TKR5406 – NT48.3 1/8th Competition Nitro Truggy Kit

Compatible Differential Parts

TKR5149 – Differential Cross Pins (6pcs, requires TKR5150 gears)
TKR5149A – Differential Cross Pins (Aluminum, 6pcs, requires TKR5150 gears)
TKR5149X – Differential Cross Pins (composite, for 3 complete diffs)
TKR5150 – Differential Gear Set (6pcs, requires TKR5149 pins)
TKR5114XB – Differential Outdrives (front/rear, revised, lightened)
TKR5112X – Differential Outdrives (center, lightened)
TKR2212 – M6 Lightened Outdrives (front/rear, SCTE, for M6 Driveshafts)
TKR5144 – Differential O-Rings (6pcs)
TKR5143 – Differential Seals (3pcs)
TKR5115 – Spur Gear (44T, hardened steel, lightened)
TKR5237 – Spur Gear (44t, composite)
TKR5237K – Spur Gear (44t, black, composite)
TKR5415B – Spur Gear (48T, hardened steel, lightened, NT48, revised)
TKR5415C – Spur Gear (48t, steel, CNC, lightened)

Vehicle Compatibility