TKR1711X – BLOK 21aP .21 Competition Truggy Engine (Not Broken-In)

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Manufactured to the highest standards of precision in Japan, the BLOK 21aP engine provides increased power and excellent fuel mileage required by 1/8th scale offroad truggies.  Features include a long-stroke piston and sleeve design, DLC coated crankshaft, three-needle carburetor, and an efficient cooling head. The P (21j) carburetor produces awesome power with the mileage you’d expect from a top-of-the-line engine and comes with 6.5 and 7.0mm venturi.

Detailed Specs

  • Displacement: 3.49 cc/ 0.213
  • Bore: 16.27 mm / 0.641 in
  • Stroke: 16.8 mm / 0.661 in
  • Output: 2.55 ps / 2.59 hp @33,000 r.p.m
  • Practical R.P.M: 4,000~40,000 r.p.m
  • Weight: 362 g / 12.77 oz.

Not Broken-In

Want to do the break-in yourself? Now you can! This engine is untouched from the factory so you can perform your favorite break-in process.

We recommend idling at least two tanks through the engine with the needles fat while keeping the head temp at 200°F. Then while keeping the throttle below 50% max, run the car in a parking lot or on a flat surface for about five tanks. Then gradually increase the throttle endpoint and lean the engine until you get to about ten tanks. Always finish the break-in process on the track and be careful to not race the engine until the mechanical pinch is almost gone.

Break-in Tips

  • Always preheat the engine to 200°F before starting.
  • The engine tune should be fat for the majority of the process. This extra fuel is used to increase the lubrication and flush particles out of the engine. Because it’s fat, you will need to constantly monitor the temperature and make sure it is between 200 and 250°F the entire time.
  • Stop the engine between each tank of fuel and make sure the piston is at bottom-dead-center. Let the engine cool to ambient temperature before preheating the engine head to 200°F and starting the next tank.
  • Be sure to run 3/4 to a full gallon through the engine before racing.