Shock Cartridge Set (CNC, Delrin, EB/NB/ET/NT/SCT)


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Product Description

TKR6146 – Shock Cartridge Set (CNC, Delrin, EB/NB/ET/NT/SCT)

Make your Tekno RC shocks even smoother with these precision CNC machined Delrin shock guides.  They are a direct replacement for the stock guides on all of your Tekno RC vehicles.  The guides will reduce drag on the shock shaft and improve suspension efficiency in all conditions, resulting in improved handling.  They are also more durable than the stock parts.  One package will cover a full set (4) of shocks.

We recommend using TKR6146B with the EB48.3 and NB48.3 for increased up-travel and improved rough track handling. TKR6146 will continue to have the extended lower shock guide and is recommended for the ET48.3 and NT48.3 for increased shock shaft support.


  • CNC machined Delrin construction
  • Smoother suspension action improves handling in all conditions
  • Increased durability


Vehicle Compatibility