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The NEW BETA 4 Shoe off-road Aluminum Clutch system, throughly tested for months before being brought to market to ensure the best performance from a clutch system today.

The design and materials utilised in this new clutch make for a very durable clutch whilst also offering the best traction levels and lowest fuel consumption on all surfaces.

The clutch uses a more convention spring design for ease of assembly and reliability compared to others on the market, but the spring is a through shoe design, meaning less filing of clutch shoes and more racing !

The clutch shoes are made of 7075 aluminium , meaning it has the best balance between durability, traction and drivability.

The 34mm flywheel also uses 7075 aluminium allowing for a lightweight and strong design, with steel flywheel pins offering the best durability and strength.

The 4-shoe clutch is simple to assemble and adjust, with the 2 different thickness spring coming in the package, with the black being 1.0mm and the gold 0.9 both of which colour coded for easy recognition.

Comes supplied with clutch nut and collet.

Clutch Spring Usage:

Highest Grip-Agressive = 4x 1.0mm Black Spring

Medium Grip-Smoother = 2x 1.0mm Black Spring 2x 0.9mm Gold Spring

Lowest grip-Smoothest = 4x 0.9mm Gold Spring

(When using 2 different spring thicknesses please put the 2 same springs in opposite position on flywheel)