AGAMA N110 1/10th 2WD COMPETITION BUGGY KIT Due December 2024

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Due Quarter 4, 2024.

INTRODUCING THE AGAMA N110 1/10th 2wd off-road competition buggy. After years of design and development, including building on the worldwide success of its bigger brother – the Agama N1 1/8th platform – our revolutionary design is finally realised in the 1/10th market. Once again, its unique suspension creates an incredibly low COG (Centre of Gravity) race car, while our engineering teams experience has pushed us to ensure that not only is it fast, but it’s the easiest car to work on in its class, just like its big brother. Lower COG makes the N110 more consistent to drive while being able to hold higher corner speeds. Gliding effortlessly through bumps it stays very flat with less tendency to want to flip over, and in the air, the unique clean aerodynamics have a tremendous effect, working the rear wing to maximum efficiency.


The innovative lay-down shock design and carefully positioned shock levers not only give you an incredibly consistent and free shock stroke with no side loading, but it also massively reduces the centre of gravity of the buggy, this means you can push harder on the track without the buggy getting unsettled by any bumps and ruts while maintaining a higher corner speed! Magic.


The unique, lay-down shock system on the N110 enables a non-resistant stroke through the full suspension travel of the vehicle. With no side load going through the shock shaft, you are treated to the benefit of an ultra consistent suspension feel that won’t change during runs.


Introducing RAD (Rapid Access Diff) gearbox for easy and quick diff removal at the rear of the buggy. The number of parts you need to remove for easy maintenance is reduced, allowing you to spend less time wrenching and more time racing. High grade metal and plastic parts are found throughout the kit, making sure your car is not only fast, but durable too.


Removing all the traditional steering system, and replacing it with the lowest, cleanest play-free solution that literally has to be seen to be believed. The feel while driving is so smooth in the curve…it’s a revelation.


Moulded from a new nylon material with incredible flex properties, giving the perfect balance of durability and stability for the rear wing, whilst also freeing up the rear aerodynamics of the N110.


The first production competition buggy with forged carbon fibre throughout. Beautiful chassis, suspension levers, hangers and braces all in the most exotic carbon material available. A sight to behold in the hand and on the track.

Agama N110


• Lay-down adjustable shocks with alloy caps
• Linear rail (sealed ball bearing/high load) steering rack
• Forged carbon chassis plate
• Forged carbon front chassis brace
• Forged carbon front & rear suspension levers
• Forged carbon adjustable steering plate
• Forged carbon front & rear suspension mounts
• 5-gear laydown transmission with RAD (Rapid Access Diff)
• Lightweight gear differential
• Stood-up low profile servo mount (sunken into the chassis plate for ultra-low COG)
• Spacious electronics area for all configurations
• Adjustable battery position for changing weight distribution
• Low profile motor mount
• Quick release battery mounting system
• Multi-plate slipper clutch assembly with offset layshaft
• Adjustable suspension blocks for toe/kick-up/roll center changes
• Mono wing mount
• Front and rear anti-roll bars
• Front wing mount
• Low profile body shell


Items not included in the kit: motor, battery, esc, servo, receiver, wheels, tires, pinion gear and paint for the Lexan body shell.


                                                                                                     Kit assembly is required.